Published: 2020-09-09

Malaysian researchers on open data: The first national survey on awareness, practices and attitudes

James Oluwaseyi Hodonu-Wusu, A. Noorhidawati; A. Abrizah (Corresponding Author)


Research data management policies in USA, UK and Australia universities: An online survey

Guifeng Liu (Corresponding Author); Isidore Komla Zotoo, Wencheng Su


Geographic Information Systems based performance assessment: Case study of selected medical libraries in Iran

Rogheyeh Eskrootchi, Mojgan Janbozorgi, Chetan Kumar; Mayank Yuvaraj (Corresponding Author); Farideh Vaziri


Information needs and information seeking behaviour of rural dwellers in Sarawak, Malaysia

Ching Seng Yap (Corresponding Author); Fidella Nga Huong Tiew, Alpha Anak Ngadan, Poh Ling Ho